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Submitted on
January 23


12 (who?)
The contest is now over. I will post the results tomorrow, when I will be able to get the prizes ready.

Welcome to my second contest. For this contest, you will need to draw at least one of the four characters I have drawn. The characters are listed below:

Keane Euodias (Has a character bio)

Keane Euodias
Full Name: Keane Euodias
Pronunciation: Keen (As shown) Eu (Pronouncing 'yu' without the 'y sound') d (lower case) ass (as shown)
Nickname(s): n/a
Species: Elementian (Guardian Element: Fire)
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Build: Average-Strong. More upper body strength than lower.
Skin: 'white'
Hair: Takes a spiky-like appearance. Colour is a light orange.
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Scars: n/a
Birthmarks: n/a
Clothing: (Reference isn't up-to-date with this info) Keane's Knight armour is that of a lightweight footsoldier, which is common uniform for low rank Curatorian knights. The armour consists of a full body suit of chainmail with a chestplate over the torso area. The hands and feet are covered with steel gauntlets and boots. In combat, Keane also has a moderate helmet. (Similar to this:… )
Class: Knight
Element: Fire
- Swordcraft - Keane has unmentored experience of using a single handed sword. He has ye

Vidal Springlight (Has a character bio)

Vidal Springlight
Full Name: Vidal Springlight
Pronunciation: v (lower case pronunciation) – dal (as typed)
Nickname(s): Darklight (former name).
Species: Benevolent Spirit
Sex: Male
Age: Deceased (Appears to be a young adult)
Build: Average
Skin: 'white'
Hair: Clean, straight hair. Colour is an impure white.
Eye Colour: impure white
Scars: none
Birthmarks: none
Clothing: Vidal wears a long, green robe, with a dark grey under robe. The sleeves have a neutral grey trim along the wrist to the elbow joint and a patch on the top of his hood. The outer robe is held together with a neutral grey, heart shaped, clip. He wears neutral grey shoes.
Class: Sorcerer
Element: Light
- Knowledge of Curse Magic - Vidal is able to identify the symptoms and effects of curses, magic that focuses on debilitation rather than inflicting pain.
- Phasing - As a ghost, He cannot touch, or be touched by, solid objects. Cannot phase through liquid or other phasers.


The Mark of Death

<da:thumb id="409884720"/>

If a character has been chosen a lot by other contestants, then it would be best to choose another. The last contest had 5 characters, but only 2 were ever drawn, which I was rather disappointed about.

Not many rules and requirements. These are listed as so:

To Help The contest grow (Not required)

It will be helpful if you can spread the word about this contest as much as you can. It is to help you lot by having prizes increase as we gain more submissions.

It will be very helpful to be watching me, so you are aware of any changes or submission updates are made. Also tells you when the deadline is closing in.


:new: You do not need to ask me to join the contest. Simply say in the comments that you want to join.

Like before, no submissions with porn, yaoi, yuri or fetish themes. I would rather avoid having my characters in such situations.

You are free to to change whatever you want with the character, aside from what is mentioned above.  The only thing is to try keep them recognizable.

For those who like fan work, or claim they cannot draw humans, then this is for you. You can do so. If they have to become non-humanoid. make their design along the lines of their references to help keep them recognisable.

The submission has to at least be coloured in with an outline. If you do lineless art, then as long as it isn't too much of a mess, it should be accepted. Shading and a background is a bonus.

You can make your submission either by digital or traditional means. Depending on how many entries I get, I will make these into separate categories.

Once you have finished, then upload the submission and send me a link to the deviation. The description simply has to link back to this journal. If you want to replace an existing submission of yours, let me know and I will replace it for you.

what I will be looking for and other stuff to help you win

Dont rush the submission. You will have around 4 months to make it. If you get it finished and uploaded in one day, you went wrong somewhere. Take all the time you need during these months.

Try to keep them in-character. If you can keep them in-character as much as you can, then that will be a good sign you considered their bio. If you would like more information, ask me. For Eleanor and Mark of Death, note I do not have a set bio for them as of now, so I can only point you in the general direction regarding their personalities.

This isn't purely based on drawing talent, so the prettiest submission isn't going to be an instant win, but it does help. You have a good chance of winning if you use a very good theme or idea behind the submission. To help explain this, here is the winner of my previous contest, who used the entire of Vidal's backstory to make an epicly themed deviation:

The more, the better. If you draw more of my characters, or add character you own/know about, then that is a major plus. Have them interact with each other, how would they do so? Surprise me.

Here are all of the submissions for the contest so far. There are currently 18 contestants and 9 submissions at the moment. The prizes will increase per 15 submissions uploaded.

1st place
500 :points: (+250: :points: per 15) (From DeusAetheros )
1 coloured chibi (From meno625 )

2nd place: 250 :points: (+100 :points: per 15) (From DeusAetheros )
a sketched headshot (From meno625 )

3rd place: 100 :points: (+50 :points: per 15)

If I get at least 30 submissions, a 4th place runner up will be added and all winning places will be featured on my page for a month (or until the end of June, considering when my contest ends)

If you do not enter, but want to offer a prize, please note me. I will then consider on adding it to the list.

The contest's final deadline will be the 26th of May. I will not be making any extensions for anyone. Sorry.

Submission list:

D3L30N3 - <da:thumb id="441135055"/>

Hexlix - No submission yet.
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Theirs still around four or five names omitted. Unless Im missing something. . .
DeusAetheros Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Student Artist
The ones who I am missing on here are the ones who have not made a submission, with me unable to recall who they were. I do know the ones who have made one are on here, which is one of the things I needed to fix the post for. :c
KelvinApplegate Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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KelvinApplegate Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DeusAetheros Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student Artist
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ShaeDurii Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
OrbitalSwan Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student General Artist
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ShaeDurii Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'M ALMOST DONE :iconshibe-plz:

killing my sleep in order to work on both homeworks and art, hahah
DeusAetheros Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student Artist
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